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Massage Bed

Our Company is supplying a best range of Massage Beds which are used for massage the body from head to toe and give relief from back, neck, leg, shoulder pain etc. The provided machines are automatic in function and comes with 9 jade rollers, two external jade projector, carbon fiber heaters, digital remote controllers and soft cushion bed etc. These are simple in installation and require much less maintenance and care. In addition to this, machines are modern, compact and sturdy in construction and designs. The beds are utilized for giving various massage such as chiropractic, acupressure, heat and therapeutic effects. The Massage Beds helps in improving blood circulation, reduces tensions and stress, burn calories, loss weight and relaxes the muscles.
Full Body Automatic Thermal Massage Bed
Full Body Automatic Thermal Massage Bed
AROGYA FULL BODY AUTOMATIC JADE MASSAGE BED (ARG 729A) is premium jade stone massage bed which contains minerals, calcium, magnesium, etc. When the deep infrared heat rays pass and penetrate through the Jade stone, the stone emit a specific wavelength and frequency that correspond with certain elements in the human body. This energy penetrates deeply into our body and has a resonance effect that can revive tissue, improves blood circulation and effectively get the cells to excrete harmful waste substances and toxins. Jade stone is therefore used in medical devices as curative and relaxing element. This bed has 9 Jade rollers, out of these rollers 5 rollers are meant for back and neck region and remaining 4 rollers are for the leg which makes it a full body bed, covering from head to toe. Arogya Full Body Massage Bed has very elegant look and is a heavy duty bed.